Broken heart David star necklace


A cracked heart necklace in a diagonal inclination with a Star of David engraved on one side and the possibility of engraving on the other side or on the back

The silver-colored chain and pendant are made of stainless steel

The length of the chain is 20+1″ extension loops

Production & shipping time 3-5 business days


Broken Heart David Star Necklace: A Symbol of Faith and Healing

The Broken Heart David Star Necklace stands as a poignant symbol, featuring a cracked heart necklace in a diagonal inclination with a Star of David engraved. This unique piece of jewelry not only embodies a deep spiritual meaning but also offers a personal touch with the option for engraving on either the front side or the back side. It’s a testament to resilience, faith, and the journey towards healing.

Personalized Necklaces

In the realm of personalized necklaces, this piece offers an unparalleled blend of personalization and symbolism. The ability to customize it with an engraving makes it not just a piece of jewelry but a personal talisman. Whether it’s a name, a date, or a meaningful word, the engraving adds a layer of intimacy and significance, making it a cherished possession or a thoughtful gift.

Hearts Jewelry

Hearts jewelry often symbolizes love and affection, but the Broken Heart David Star Necklace brings a unique twist to this theme. It represents not just love but also loss, resilience, and the strength to heal. The cracked heart serves as a reminder that even in brokenness, there is beauty and hope, especially when combined with the Star of David, a symbol of faith and protection.

Necklaces with Engraving

Necklaces with engraving offer a way to carry personal stories and sentiments close to the heart. This necklace, with its option for customization, stands out as a meaningful choice for those seeking to express their identity, faith, or personal journey. The engraving makes it a versatile piece, suitable for commemorating significant life events or as a daily reminder of one’s values and beliefs.

Custom jewelry and Judaica Jewelry both find a harmonious blend in this necklace. As a piece of custom jewelry, it allows for individual expression and personalization. As a piece of Judaica Jewelry, it carries the weight of centuries-old symbols and traditions, offering a connection to heritage and faith.

In conclusion, the Broken Heart David Star Necklace is more than just an accessory. It’s a powerful symbol of faith, healing, and personal expression. With its unique design and the option for personalization, it serves as a reminder of the strength found in vulnerability and the beauty of resilience. Whether as a personal keepsake or a meaningful gift, this necklace is a testament to the enduring spirit of hope and faith.

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