Bangle for engraving


A hard bracelet for a man or a woman with a blessing around the engraving
The length of the bracelet is 6.3″ (standard) suitable for any hand
The width of the bracelet is 0.3″

Production & shipping time 5-10 business days


Bangle for Engraving: A Personal Touch to Timeless Elegance

Dive into the realm of exquisite jewelry with our Bangle for engraving. This piece isn’t just another accessory; it’s a canvas for your emotions, memories, and sentiments, making it a truly unique piece in your collection.

The Magic of Personalized Jewelry

In a world filled with mass-produced items, the allure of personalized jewelry shines brighter than ever. When you opt to personalize jewelry, you’re crafting a narrative, embedding cherished moments and feelings into a tangible item. The Bangle for engraving stands as a testament to this unique blend of artistry and emotion.

An Unforgettable Gift for Woman

Seeking that perfect gift for the special woman in your life? The Bangle for engraving is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a memory, a sentiment, a bond. It serves as an impeccable gift for woman who cherishes individuality and elegance. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a simple gesture of love, this bangle is sure to leave an indelible mark.

Craftsmanship Meets Personalization

Our bangle is meticulously crafted, ensuring each piece is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. The smooth surface of the bangle is perfect for engraving, allowing for clear and lasting inscriptions. Whether it’s a name, a date, or a symbol, the engraving adds a touch of personalization that elevates the bangle’s charm.

Free Express Shipping

To make your purchase even more delightful, we’re pleased to offer free express shipping on all our Bangles for engraving. So, you not only acquire a piece of art but also get it delivered swiftly to your doorstep.

In conclusion, the Bangle for engraving is more than just an accessory. It’s a story, a memory, a bond. It’s the perfect blend of elegance and personal touch, making it a prized possession for any jewelry enthusiast.

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Additional information
Weight 8 g
Select Material

Silver 925, Gold Plated, Rose gold plated

Engraving Type

Black engraving, Regular engraving