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Guide to Adjusting Size

Identify in the picture the length of the necklace you want.
Standard necklace length for a man - 50 cm
The length of the necklace does not include the length of the pendant.
Identify the size of the bracelet
 1. Take a bracelet that is good for you.
 2. Place on a ruler and measure in cm.
 3. Finally, select the desired bracelet.
If you do not have a bracelet
Take a wire and wrap the palm arm over to the meeting point
Place the wire on a ruler from the beginning of the wire to the meeting point - see picture below.
It is recommended to add 1-2 cm for a better and more comfortable fit. If the meeting point is 16 cm, it is recommended to choose a size 17 or 18 cm, depending on the amount of space you want.
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Identify the size of the ring
There is a simple way to identify the desired measure by app.
The simplest way to detect a ring size is through the Ring Size app.
 1. Download the Ring Size app
 To download on Android - click here
 To download on the iPhone - click here
 2. Take an existing ring that is comfortable for you and place it on the marked circle
 Reduce and enlarge until the circle covers the entire inner surface of the ring.
 3. Identify the size according to the table on app.

Standard necklace length for a woman - 45 cm
If you have a bracelet